Touch Yourself (2018)

How should you check yourself for signs of breast cancer? Standing up? Lying down? Do you check just the breasts or should you be checking in other places?
As a team of mostly women working on this project, it was surprising that none of us knew the right way to do it. We wanted to show others like us just how simple and easy it actually was, with the hope that it will encourage both men and women to do it more regularly!

Role: Animator and Designer

Created at Nice and Serious
Project Lead: Jade Evans
Producer: Rickey Welch
Animation: Giulia Bavagnoli, Jade Evans, Guillaume Le Roux, Serafima Serafimova
Editor: Serafima Serafimova
Music: Marcel Legane
Website Development: Marcel Legane, Sam Perkins
Some of my shots below
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